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Lure of the Labyrinth is a product of the Learning Games to Go (LG2G) project, funded by a Star Schools grant from the U.S. Department of Education, spearheaded by Maryland Public Television (MPT).

LG2G concentrates on creating essential resources for pre-algebra students and the teachers and families working with them, as well as aggregating other manipulatives, web sites, and teacher tools that can help students think like mathematicians.

The development of Lure of the Labyrinth involved a group of educational and game experts working in concert:
  • The Education Arcade at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was responsible for game design, under the leadership of Project Manager Scot Osterweil.
  • The multimedia studio and educational publisher FableVision was responsible for executing the game design, including story line development, programming, art work, and narrative voice work.
  • The research firm ORC-Macro was responsible for providing formative and summative evaluation that helped shape the development of the game.
MPT also worked with several Maryland school districts (Allegany, Dorchester, Caroline, and Baltimore County Public Schools, as well as the Archdiocese of Baltimore) and numerous education experts to assure that the game was as useful as possible to students throughout the country. These experts included the people who served as our Advisory Panel and Advance Team teachers from the partner school districts.

The contents of this game were developed under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. However, these contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.


For MPT:

Principal Investigator, LG2G Project
Gail Porter Long
Senior Vice President, Chief Education Officer

Project Manager, Game and Website Development
Tracy Lau
Managing Director, Educational Projects

Ann Klimas, Director, Instructional Design and Educational Content
Jennifer Reece, Online Producer - Education
Bill Beustring, Producer

Website Writers:
Tom Miller
Ann Klimas
Anne Mehall, Supervisor of Reading, Baltimore County Public Schools, (Reading in the Content Area)

Debbie Vickers, Director, K-12 Services, Professional Development and Website Teacher Resources
Jennifer Pleszkoch, Educational Consultant
C.C. Bronder English, Mathematics Consultant

Betsy Peisach, Managing Director, Education Marketing, LG2G Dissemination
Leslie Adler, Marketing Manager, Education Projects

Barbara Mochinal, Director, Educational Business Affairs
Kathryn Miller, Grants Manager
Kim Smith, Contracts Manager

National Advisory Panel

Pat Baltzley
Director, Pre K-12 Math, Baltimore County Public Schools

Edward Burger
Professor, Chair Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Williams College

Aaron Deal
Technology Coordinator, Salisbury Middle School, Wicomico County Public Schools

Myrna Dyson
Math Teacher, Stephen Decatur Middle School, Worcester County Public Schools

Francis "Skip" Fennell
Professor, McDaniel College
President, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2006 - 2008

Glenn Hall
Math Teacher, Prince George's County Public Schools

Francine Johnson
Secondary Math Teacher Prep, Johns Hopkins University

Jayne Moore
Director of Instructional Technology and School Library Media, Maryland State Department of Education

Edward Nolan
Teacher, Albert Einstein High School
Past President, Maryland Council of the Teachers of Mathematics

John Staley
Teacher & Coordinator of Secondary Mathematics, Baltimore County
The Algebra Project

Donna Watts
Coordinator for Math, Maryland State Department of Education

Advance Team Teachers

Allegany County Public Schools
Michael Thompson, Washington Middle School

Archdiocese of Baltimore Schools
John Paul Bennett, Father Kolbe School
Maureen Hahn, St. Ursula School

Baltimore County Public Schools
Erin Laughter, Parkville Middle School
Ellen Mangels, Cockeysville Middle School
Sara Rybczynski, Golden Ring Middle School

Caroline County Public Schools
Erin Baull, Colonel Richardson Middle School
Victoria Borella, Colonel Richardson Middle School
Courtney Handte, Colonel Richardson Middle School

Dorchester County Public Schools
Bertina Farrare, Alternative learning Center
Micah Murphy, North Dorchester Middle Schools

Partner Districts

Allegany County Public Schools
Karen Bundy, Director of Secondary Education
Don Knotts, High School Algebra Specialist

Archdiocese of Baltimore Schools
Leslie Andrathy, Associate Superintendent of Curriculum & Professional Development
Barbara Wissman, Math Teacher, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School

Baltimore County Public Schools
Pat Baltzley, Director, Pre K-12 Mathematics
John Staley, Teacher & Coordinator of Secondary Mathematics

Caroline County Public Schools
Donna Johnson, Coordinator of Mathematics

Dorchester County Public Schools

MPT gratefully acknowledges the contributions to this site from their partner in the Star Schools grant, the Center for Technology in Education at the Johns Hopkins University.

For the Education Arcade, MIT:

Game Design by The Education Arcade/MIT

Creative Director: Scot Osterweil
Game Designer: Kristina Drzaic
Game Designer: Dan Roy
Game Designer: Evan Wendel
Game Designer: Elliot Pinkus
Game Designer: Lan Xuan Le
Game Designer: Ravi Purushotma
Game Designer: Alexander Chane Austin

Senior Advisors

Henry Jenkins III
Eric Klopfer

For FableVision:

Game development by FableVision

Producer: Shannon Frederick Meneses
Technical Director: Brian Grossman
Art Director: Bob Flynn
Lead Designer: Keith Zulawnik
Interactive Designer: Michael Rubin
Creative Writer: Bill Kaplan
Game Developer: Jason LaCouture
Game Developer: Matthew Bargar
Game Developer: Max Antinori
Game Developer: Ryan McNulty
Game Developer: Kutti Tech, Inc.
Artist and Animator: You-Jin Lee
Artist: Allie Biondi
Artist: Didi Motiva
Artist: Tami Wicinas
Sound Design: LP Media

Executive Creative Directors: Peter H. Reynolds, Gary Goldberger
Executive Producers: Karen Bresnahan, Paul Reynolds

For ORC-Macro:

Project evaluation by ORC/Macro

Helene Jennings, Vice President
Shani Reid, Project Manager

Elaine Pierrel
Pierrel Associates, LLC