All About the Game - Using the TPC

Using the TPC

Lure of the Labyrinth's Tasti Pet Communicator (TPC) is an essential part of the game (and we do mean "game" - it's only available during game play and not during puzzle play).

During their Lure of the Labyrinth game play, students will be able to use the TPC to share all kinds of information with their teammates. However, since all variables in the puzzles are randomly generated each time a student plays a Lure of the Labyrinth puzzle (the questions are always different so the answers are always different), students will not be able to share answers in the game. What they will be able to do, though, is to chat about problem-solving strategies. And we hope that you'll strongly encourage your students to use the TPC for this purpose.

The vast majority of your students are going to use the TPC exactly as it was intended - to communicate with teammates so they can try to solve the puzzles and win the game. However, there may be others who want to use the TPC for other purposes. To avert these problems, consider taking the following steps:

  1. Work with your students to establish a set of ground rules for appropriate TPC communication. (Involving your students in this process is likely to make it easier to enforce these rules.)
  2. Let your students know that you will be able to monitor all of their TPC messages during their game play.

Some Other Things to Know about the TPC

  • Unless you tell them (and it's your call), your students won't know which of their classmates are also their teammates when they begin game play. They'll be able to see their teammates' avatar names and game disguises in their TPCs, but they won't see their 'real world' names. Through their game play and communication, though, players may eventually discover whos on their side in the game.
  • Players can post messages for their teammates in the game's various puzzle rooms. This gives players the opportunity to share ideas about strategies for solving the puzzles.
  • You have the power to disable student' TPC communication if they use this device in inappropriate ways. And since your students will know this, they're likely to exert peer pressure on their teammates to use the TPC only in the right ways. After all, it's a tremendous competitive disadvantage for a Lure of the Labyrinth team to have players who can't use the TPC to share strategies with teammates.
  • The TPC is also students' link to a vast amount of game information. They will receive messages there about the rooms they are to visit. They can also
    • Review any of the graphic novels they have encountered in the game.
    • Review the biographies of any monsters they have met in the game
    • Change their profile.

 The buttons across the top of the TPC can lead student to the rooms they have visited, their inventory, and much more.