Before Bringing Labyrinth Into Your Classroom - Set Up Your Teams and Class Lists

Set Up Your Teams and Class Lists

Setting up Class Teams

Lure of the Labyrinth operates best when teams of students work together collaboratively.

When they are working in game mode, students can use the Tasti Pet Communicator (TPC) to communicate with other members of their team - a team that you set up before they start playing the game. Note that when students are working with individual puzzles, they will not have access to the TPC.

 Some things to consider about team structure:
  • Teams on the TPC can have up to six members
  • You can use any strategy for grouping: less-abled with more-abled; more-abled with more-abled and less-abled with less-abled; friends with friends or non-friends with non-friends. Decide what works best for your students.
  • You can always restructure the teams if you find that members are not working effectively.
  • One thing you might find out is that typically high-performing students might not be the best game players.

Using the Administrator Tool to set up Class Lists

Your first step in setting up classes and teams is to log on to the game web site and enter the Administrator Tool area from the front page of the Educator Section. If you're logging in for the first time, you'll automatically be brought to the screen where you can add a new class (if you are not logging in for the first time, click "Classes" and "Add Class").

First, you should give your class a distinct name. Add the number students, and the number of teams you want to set up within that class.

The next step involves enrolling students in teams within that class. You can do this on the page labeled Step 2. First, you should give each team a name. Next, add students' first and last names into each team. Then, give each one a unique user name and password. To make this simple, you may want to consider giving each student a user name that includes their class name and a number, as is shown in this example. It may be also easier to give the same password (or a very similar password) to every member of the class., or make students' user name and password the same. Be sure to save your work.

You can save time in setting up this list if you have already entered your class list in another spreadsheet program (such as Excel). To do this, open up the file that contains the class list information in the spreadsheet program where you created the spreadsheet. Then, save the file in a TAB DELIMITED format. You should then be able to directly import the new tab-delimited file into the team list here.

 Some more things you can do in the "Classes" section:
  • You have the option of printing the class list. Use the button at the top of the page to do this.
  • You can rearrange the team members by accessing the corresponding button on this page as well.
  • Once you have saved your class list, you can access information about each team member by clicking on their name. In each record, you will find a place to warn the student that she or he is posting inappropriate messages. You can also turn off their posting privileges from this screen.

Once you have finished setting up teams, you should give each student his or her user name and password. One way of doing this might be printing the class list and cutting it apart.

Your students can now access Lure of the Labyrinth anywhere and anytime they have computer access and an Internet connection.