Into the Math Classroom

Into the Math Classroom

Lure of the Labyrinth has a great look, an engaging story, cool characters and challenging game play. There's no denying it - Lure of the Labyrinth is a really fun game. The ultimate mission of Lure of the Labyrinth, though, isn't entertainment; it's about helping your students to learn your math curriculum. How do you bring Lure of the Labyrinth into your math classroom and make that happen? Well, you've come to the right place to find out.

 "You never know how anything is going to work until you try it. We have so many tricks in our bags, being able to use games gives us one more way to engage students." - Sara Rybczynski, Advance Team Teacher 

Standards-based Lesson plans can help you link game play to your curriculum.

The Puzzle play section offers you tips on things to do before, during, and after your students work with specific puzzles.

Working with specific puzzles gives you an description of each puzzle, math terms used in the puzzles, standards from Maryland's Voluntary State Curriculum for Mathematics that are linked to the puzzle, and links to lesson plans and graphic organizers related to the puzzle.

Reading in the content area explains how you can use Lure of the Labyrinth to build your students' reading comprehension.