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The Assembly Line Puzzle

The goal of this group of puzzles is to fill up the bins with the correct amount of regular and premium (starred) cans. In order to do this, the player must study the numerical relationships between the gears as well as the spaces between the placement of regular and premium (starred) cans on the conveyor belt.

When the player enters the room in level one of the game, the assembly line is running with two incorrect gears, and the trays of replacement gears are off-screen. The assembly line supervisor prompts the player to fix the problem. To examine the situation, the player can slow down or speed up the line or stop it entirely.

The player must click the STOP button to pause the assembly line and see the replacement gears on either side of the conveyor belt. The player must click and drag the gears that represent the correct ratio and put them in place. Each time the player clicks STOP and replaces gears, the assembly line resets. If either of the two gears is incorrect, the supervisor will tell the player that the machine is still broken. If the placement of both gears is correct, the supervisor will tell the player that things are working correctly.

Subsequent levels of play provide less visual cues to the player as to the placement of the regular and premium cans on the conveyor belt.

Math Discussion Terms
Multiples, ratio, numerator, denominator, fraction

Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum Alignment

Standard 6.0 Knowledge of Number Relationships and Computation/Arithmetic
Topic C Number Computation
Indicator 3 Analyze ratios, proportions, and percents

Grade 6:
Objective a-Represent ratios in a variety of forms

Objective b-Use ratios and unit rates to solve problems

Grade 7:
Objective a-Determine Equivalent Ratios
Objective b- Determine and use rates, unit rates, and percents as ratios in the context of a problem

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