While Working With Labyrinth

While Working With Labyrinth

Lure of the Labyrinth was designed so that students could play the game first and then bring that experience with numbers into their classrooms.

This kind of experiential learning makes your role as a teacher even more crucial. When the students finish their game-play, they will be looking to you to help them translate what they have experienced into the mathematics they explore in class.

So, even though you know your turn is coming, it might be hard for you to step back while game playing is going on.

This section gives you some hints on ways to look at this time as another important way of teaching ... guiding students through their game-playing experience.

Time to be the Guide on the Side
Another Way to be the Guide on the Side
Summing up the puzzle session

 As your students work, you can also monitor their progress through the Administrator Tool. You can look at the messages they have posted (and warn people if they are making inappropriate posts) You can also review individual progress by looking at the Reports section. Go here and here to find out more details about using the Administrator Tool.