While Working With Labyrinth - Summing up the Puzzle Session

Summing up the Puzzle Session

After students have had a chance to play the puzzle, and before you begin teaching the lesson you have planned, you have a chance to reinforce the important ground work the game has laid.

A few minutes of open-ended conversation is one way to do that. Here are some sentence stems that students can use to start the discussion:

  • "This puzzle reminded me of ..."
  • "I think I may have done something like this when ..."
  • "The strategy that worked best for me was ..."
  • "I got nowhere using this strategy ..."
  • "I was wondering about ..."
  • "I still don't understand ..."
It's also important to ask what your students thought about the puzzle and why you may have asked them to work through it.

At this point, you may want to introduce some of the mathematics vocabulary terms listed in the lesson plans, asking students to describe how they may have used that term in the past and how they think it pertains to the puzzle. If they are unsure of a meaning of a term, work together as a class to create a working definition that is mathematically accurate.