Following Up - Going Forward

Going Forward

We hope you and your classes continue to work with Lure of the Labyrinth both in class and out of class. As part of the culture of your classroom, the game can provide touchstones for you and your students. You should continue to encourage students to share their insights from game play when you talk about the puzzle topics in class, for example.

And If Your Students Really Liked Lure of the Labyrinth ...

And finally, if Lure of the Labyrinth inspired your students to want more in the way of math and games, consider having them try the following:
  • Choose a math concept that they have struggled with and design and create a game to teach that concept. Students could trade games with other students, classes or even schools to help others learn the math concept.
  • Create a story that incorporates math concepts, showing how characters must use their math skills to solve a problem or resolve a conflict. (There are lots of great books out there that do this; you can go here to see some examples.)
  • Research and critique other math games to see what skills they teach and how engaging they are.
  • Initiate a game club after school that focuses on playing educational games that students bring in from home, find online and/or run on hand-held devices.