For Educators - Game Basics

Game Basics

OK, so you're ready to take a look at the actual nuts and bolts of Lure of the Labyrinth. And you've probably got more than a few questions. What is Lure of the Labyrinth? How do you play it? How do you help your kids play it? And perhaps most importantly, what's your role in helping your kids learn with it? In Game Basics, we help you start to find answers to these and other essential questions around using Lure of the Labyrinth with your students.

 Keep in Mind ... There are two ways to get involved in Lure of the Labyrinth. One is to play the game itself (game mode). This section gives you tips on doing just that. The other way is to play the puzzles involved in the game separately (puzzle mode). You don't earn points in that mode, but puzzle mode may be helpful as you work with students. We have a whole section on playing in puzzle mode. Check it out for some helpful hints.  

Plot and Characters describes the storyline and the creatures students will encounter as they move through the game.

Quick Start Guide offers all game players a description of the basics of the game.

The Teacher's Role, Part 1 describes some recommended ways teachers can be most effective in using the game in the classroom.

Playing the Game shows you how your students will move through the first parts of the game and other game details.

Teacher Tips is a collection of specific and practical suggestions that can help teachers navigate the various parts of the game, including communicating in the game and using the back-end data.