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Using the Administrator Tool

The Administrator Tool is a key resource that will help you help your students get the very most possible out of Lure of the Labyrinth. And this is where we break down the various functions of the Administrator Tool and explain how you can use them.

The five main areas of the Administrator Tool are:
  • Classes
  • Monitor
  • Reports
  • My Account
  • Lure of the Labyrinth

This area is where you'll set up class lists and teams and give your students user names and passwords to play Lure of the Labyrinth. And we think all of that is so important that we gave it its own article.


This is where you can actually monitor students' TPC messages within any area of Lure of the Labyrinth and see their game bios as well. You can also post your own TPC messages for students from this area of the Administrator Tool.

Most of your students' TPC communication is going to consist of messages in which your students are trying to brainstorm how to solve Lure of the Labyrinth's puzzles. Those messages can be extremely valuable to you since they'll represent your students' thought processes around the game's math content. As such, we think you'll be able to use the information in those messages to help shape the classroom teaching you'll do at some point after your students' game play.


This is where you can see all kinds of information about your students' Lure of the Labyrinth game play. You can obtain general class overviews, as well as detailed information on individual student's work on specific Lure of the Labyrinth puzzles. And you can even get all of this information in the context of the national and state math standards that are addressed within each game puzzle. Finally, all of the data here is exportable into Excel files for your convenience and for simple and easy information sharing.

While the Administrator Tool's "report" function does indeed offer you a veritable mother lode of information, it is important to remember that this data should not be used as any kind of final assessment tool. This data will not show your students' pre-algebra achievement; rather it will give you information that you can use to enhance your students' pre-algebra achievement in the classroom. Again, as with your students' TPC messaging, we believe that this data can help inform your teaching and personalize it to suit your students' very particular needs.

My Account

This is the area where you can edit the profile that you originally created when you registered for your Administrator Tool account.

Lure of the Labyrinth

And clicking on Lure of the Labyrinth brings you right back to the game's homepage (an excellent place to visit as often as possible!).

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