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Your Students' First Steps in the Game

As we say in many other sections of these materials, most of your students are very experienced gamers and will need only a very small amount - if any - of your help in order to figure out how to play Lure of the Labyrinth. And we do encourage you, as much as possible, to let your students find their own way through Lure of the Labyrinth (their exploration is, in fact, going to be a big part of their learning). However, we also recognize that some of your students may need help to get started in playing the game and that you might feel more confident about using Lure of the Labyrinth if you do know how to help them.

Here's our guide to what will be your students' first steps in the game. There is no need to share this with students. It's just a guide for people who are unfamiliar with playing digital games, or to use in class if a player gets stuck in navigating the game.

1. They'll navigate to Lure of the Labyrinth URL (we recommend that you bookmark computers with this address, write it on the board or give each student a separate piece of paper with the URL on it for easy access).

2. They'll enter their user name and password (which will have been assigned to them by you.

3. They'll choose their game pet and confirm that they will adopt the animal.

4. They'll begin to engage with the game story by reading Lure of the Labyrinth's first graphic-novel sequence, "Into the Pipe." Students can navigate through the graphic-novel sequences by using the arrows that appear halfway down the left and right sides of the screen while rolling over those areas with the mouse.

5. They'll customize their game avatar by giving it a name, mask, and color from a set of pre-selected options.

6. They'll read the next graphic-novel sequence, "Enter the Factory."

7. They'll arrive in the Tasti Pet Factory Waiting Room. As in the other areas of the game, students will be able to move their avatars here by clicking on the various parts of the screen. The avatars will follow the clicks.

8. They'll have to figure out how to get out of the Tasti Pet Waiting Room. Students will need to do some experimentation to make it happen, but the process will ultimately go like this - they'll click on the skeleton to get the correct badge number; they'll then click on Funzlebubb (the big guy blocking the door) and be headed out of the Waiting Room.

9. They'll arrive in the Foyer of the Tasti Pet Factory. They'll also receive their first message in their TPC (Tasti Pet Communicator) at this point. This message will include a map with clues on how to get to their first puzzle room (and the content of the clues will relate to the wing where the room is; i.e., if the room is in the Proportions wing, students will have to use their understanding of proportions to decipher the clues).

10. They'll have to figure out how to get out of the Foyer before they can use the map to find that first puzzle room. Again, this will be a case of trial and error, but the ultimate process will go like this - they'll move their avatars toward the top of the Foyer; they'll then move across one of the bridges and click on one of the three doors to enter a corresponding wing of the Tasti Pet Factory (at this point, they'll only be able to use the Proportions wing, the door for which is on the upper left part of the screen).

11. They'll now be in the corridors of the wing that they've entered. They can again access their first map via their TPC (always available in the top right-hand corner of the screen) and use the clues to find their first puzzle room. (They can also randomly click on all the puzzle rooms in the wing until they find the one to which they have access; we think, however, that most students would see that as a very tedious process and that they'll prefer to use the maps.)

12. They'll navigate the corridors and click on what they believe to be their first puzzle room (based on their map). The door for that room will appear along with a list including the name of that first puzzle room. Students will click on the name of the puzzle room. If they've chosen the right room, they'll be led to a graphic-novel sequence about that room and then to the room itself to play the puzzle. If they haven't chosen the right room, they'll have to return to the corridors until they do eventually find the right room.

From this point forward, your students will be able to use information from their TPCs, the graphic-novel sequences, and their own experimentation to move through the game, score points and succeed in Lure of the Labyrinth.

For more information on these beginning sections of Lure of the Labyrinth, check out our Quick Start Guide and Hints for Playing the Game.

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