For Educators - Teacher Tips

Teacher Tips

The entire Educators' section of these support materials is, of course, filled with tips for teachers, but here we focus on some of the most basic information you'll need to be a successful "guide on the side" when your students begin to play Lure of the Labyrinth. The organization of the game, the relevant technical information and the specifics of exactly how players get started in Lure of the Labyrinth are all covered here in detail.

Differences between playing the game and playing the puzzles
Wings, puzzles and how they all fit together
Setting up class lists and teams
Introducing Lure of the Labyrinth to your students
Your students' first steps in the game
Your Students' TPC Communication
Using the Administrator Tool
If a player gets stuck ...

 You and your students may sometimes want to save screen grabs of puzzle< images so you can later look back and analyze the math in Lure of the Labyrinth.

Here's how you can make those screen grabs:

PC - Press "print screen" and control-V to paste the image you've captured into another document. You'll be able to edit your image by right-clicking on it and selecting the Picture Tool Bar. On the bar, select the cropping tool. Click the tool on your image and you can move the bars that appear to isolate the part of the picture you want to use.

Mac - Press command-shift-3 and you'll get a screen grab of your entire screen(including your browser window). Or as an alternate, you can press command-shift-4 to make a screen grab of just one section of the screen. When you do this, you'll get a pointer that you can drag across the section of the screen that you want to capture, and you'll wind up with a PNG file that you can open in Preview.