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Your Students' TPC Communication

Lure of the Labyrinth's Tasti Pet Communicator (TPC) is a totally cool and utterly essential part of the game (and we do mean "game" - it's only available during game play and not during puzzle play). The TPC has a wide range of uses in Lure of the Labyrinth and can even be helpful in improving your students' literacy skills. We're going to focus here, though, on one very specific aspect of the TPC: in-game communication.

During their Lure of the Labyrinth game play, students will be able to use the TPC to share all kinds of information with their teammates. However, since all variables are randomly generated each time a student plays a Lure of the Labyrinth puzzle (the questions are always different so the answers are always different), students will not be able to share answers in the game. What they will be able to do, though, is to chat about problem-solving strategies. And we hope that you'll strongly encourage your students to use the TPC for this purpose; brainstorming with teammates around strategies for solving the puzzles is an important aspect of Lure of the Labyrinth and will help players learn how to work with the math content in the game.

So the TPC is, as the young people like to say, "All good," right?

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Well, it's almost all good. The vast majority of your students are going to use the TPC exactly as it was intended - to communicate with teammates so they can try to solve the puzzles and win the game. However, some players may be inclined to use the TPC's messaging function to communicate about things they shouldn't be communicating about during the game. And because of that, we suggest that you consider taking the following set of steps:

  1. Work with your students to establish a set of ground rules for appropriate TPC communication. (Involving your students in this process is likely to make it easier to enforce these rules.)
  2. Let your students know that you will be able to monitor all of their TPC messages during their game play (learn how you'll be able to do that here).
The TPC is a great tool that's going to help promote your students' math and literacy learning within Lure of the Labyrinth. A little preparation - and communication - on your part will go a long way toward ensuring that it's always used in the right way.

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