Introducing Labyrinth to Your Students - Setting the Stage for Students

Setting the Stage for Students

Coaches know the importance of a good pre-game talk, and so should you. What you say to students can help them immensely as they begin to work with a Lure of the Labyrinth puzzle.

What to say

  • "There's no pressure here. If something isn't working out for you on a particular puzzle, you can always reload and try again with different numbers."
  • "Just play as much as you can. It doesn't matter if you completely solve the puzzle. We'll talk about it later."
  • "I really want to know how you solved the puzzle. Try to remember all the strategies you use."
  • "I may be the expert on a lot of things, but not in playing games. What can we do as a class if someone gets stuck?"
  • "Enjoy!"
What not to say

  • "Today, I've got a special game for you to play and you're going to love it."
  • "This is a math game and you are supposed to ... (fill in the blank)"
  • "Go to the URL I've given you and get busy."
  • "I'll be grading you on this."