Library Introduction

Lure of the Labyrinth Library

We know that the idea of using digital games to teach and learn math might be a new one for you. (It's new to us, too - in fact, it's pretty much new to everyone!) So we thought it would probably help to provide a little context - what educators sometimes call 'scaffolding' - around Lure of the Labyrinth. The Library is where you can learn more about the many issues surrounding games and learning and also go much deeper into Lure of the Labyrinth itself.

Games as a Part of Today's Culture talks about digital games and the ways they impact every day life.

What About Games Makes Them Good for Learning? looks at the inherent characteristics of games that mirror principles educators have found to make for a great learning experience.

Ten Articles About Kids, Games, and Learning gives you access to interesting articles that explore these topics.

Using Lure of the Labyrinth talks about ways to promote content literacy through the graphic novel format of Lure of the Labyrinth.

Background Papers were prepared by project partners and participants as analyses of specific issues the Learning Games to Go project set out to examine.

Links to More Learning connect you to prescreened sites that can help you explore more about games and learning.