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Links to More Learning

There are, of course, many, many great websites that address issues around gaming, technology and education. We're offering the following set of links, with an emphasis on teacher/bloggers, as a starting point for further exploration (and we'll continue to update this list as we find more cool sites).

A Blogroll

The Mister Teacher blog features middle-school teacher Jamie Tubbs' ruminations on technology and learning. Sample quote: "You hand out worksheets day after day. Are your kids bored?"

Dave McDivitt is a high school teacher who incorporates digital games into his social studies classes. Go here to learn about his adventures using the games "Making History" and "The Sims" with his students.

Dove Lane is a blog where writer Kaye Vivian shares her many thoughts on "knowledge, games and uncommon things."

Bill MacKenty is an instructional designer who's "keen on the role of games in education." Find out what that means (and see Bill's ever-changing icons) here.

Cutting-Edge Classrooms

The School of the Future is an innovative, technology-rich public school created by the School District of Philadelphia in partnership with Microsoft. Learn about it here.

The Game School is a proposed New York City public school where the curriculum will center on "game design and game-inspired methods." The school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2009, but you can read about it now in Wired.

More Resources

Learn about the MacArthur Foundation's massive digital media and learning initiative, and sample a wealth of information on the subject at their project website.

The Got Game website features ongoing updates on this very Learning Games to Go project and numerous other game-related resources.