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Background Papers

As you might expect, the Learning Games to Go team has done a great deal of research and ruminating on just about everything having to do with games, learning and technology. And we're very happy to be able to share a bit of what we've learned. The following set of "white papers," written by members of our team, provide context into the current state of learning games and look forward to some of their potential uses in the not-so-distant future.

All papers are Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Download the latest version of the Adobe Reader.

A Review of Recent Games and Simulation Research and Potential Educational Applications
CTE highlights the work of game theorist James Paul Gee in this review of research on the ways that games and multimedia can be used to teach in our schools.

Unifying Education and Game in the Educational Games
MIT's Education Arcade explores the idea of what a learning game can be and identifies a game model that offers "serious fun" for students and a powerful new instructional tool for teachers.

Investigating the Existing and Emerging Technologies, Devices and Delivery Platforms Common to 3D Games, Simulations and Virtual Reality
The CTE team surveys a wide range of technologies - some widely available now and some just around the corner - that can (and will) help teachers teach and learners learn.

Assistive Technology, Universal Design and Gaming
CTE looks at how learning games can function as an assistive technology that levels the educational playing field and improves learning for all students.