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The Difference Between Playing the Game and Playing the Puzzles
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First Steps in the Game
Using the TPC
Math in the Game
  Before Bringing Labyrinth Into Your Classroom
    Plan for Success
Think About Technology
Think About Your Role
Set up your Teams and Class Lists
  Resources for Planning
Working with Specific Puzzles
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The Math in Each Puzzle
Graphic Organizers
VIDEO: Using Lure of the Labyrinth In Your Classroom
  Introducing Labyrinth to Your Students
    Setting Up Rules and Expectations
Setting the Stage for Students
Using Graphic Organizers
  While Working With Labyrinth
    Time to Be the Guide on the Side
VIDEO: Another Way to be the Guide on the Side
Summing Up the Puzzle Session
  Following Up
    Using the Administrator Tool
Evaluation Strategies
Going Forward
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  About Learning Games
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Games as a Part of Today's Culture
What About Games Makes Them Good for Learning?
Ten Articles About Kids, Games and Learning
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